About us

PicdLocal currently consists of a small team of software engineers and home gardeners.


Use the contact us page if you are interesting in joining the team or otherwise helping us!



Casey Mork - Managing Director & San Gabriel Valley Market Manager

Casey is an active contributor to the platform and leads all product development. He also leads our founding market operations in the San Gabriel Valley, CA. Casey grows many types of herbs, squash, tomatoes, roses, and maintains 6 productive citrus trees.


Chris Arms - Denver Market Director

Chris leads our second key market operation in Denver, CO. Chris is leading our local retailer acquisition. Chris grows tomatoes, plums, peaches and herbs.


Kelsey Moller - Director of Marketing and Social

Kelsey leads our marketing efforts, including our Instagram and Twitter feeds. Kelsey grows tomatoes and herbs.


Jeff Sutantyo - Director of Strategy

Jeff is responsible for spreading the word to home chefs, and encouraging us all to source our fruits and vegetables micro-locally, using PicdLocal. Jeff grows passion fruit, tomatoes, lemons and shishito peppers.